Plant Care Design

In order to provide an appropriate design and quotation, it is essential one of our design professionals meet with the client to outline the various options available and determine a number of design details. These details include:

  • Client preferences for planter style and colour
  • Client preferences for plant type and varieties
  • Special conditions the client wishes to incorporate into the design. These conditions include areas of importance for plantings, seasonal plantings, and fresh flower programs
  • Lead time available

It is important to do an on-site analysis of existing and projected conditions to determine which plants and planters would be most appropriate. These conditions include:

  • Light levels: Indoor plants vary significantly in their light requirements. Plant Care will measure natural and artificial light levels in the areas where planting is required and tailor the design to ensure that the specified plant will thrive.
  • Climatic conditions: Indoor plants range from tropical to sub-tropical varieties and will have varying temperature sensitivities. Plant Care will identify areas with higher or lower temperatures and select appropriate plants for those conditions
  • Traffic Patterns: An essential element in a successful plant design is that the plants enhance the space without being intrusive. Our designer will identify high traffic areas and only place plants where they will not impede the efficient movement of people
  • Décor: It is important that the specified plants and planters compliment your décor.
    Designs will suggest colors and styles that enhance your decor and bring it to life

Based on information gathered during client consultation and site analysis, Plant Care will prepare a plan and quotation for the proposed plantscape. This plan is intended to provide the greatest impact for the most economical price. Live or “Silk” plants will be recommended based on their various cost and/or design merits.

We can supply stylish, contemporary and vibrant plant displays that will transform your office at a price you can afford.

Plants have been proven to improve employee productivity and morale as well as providing a cost effective way to improve indoor air quality.

Our guaranteed maintenance offers you peace of mind by protecting your investment and ensuring your plants always look picture perfect. Plant Care's trained Horticultural Service Technicians are committed to delivering quality.

Plant Care purchases its plants direct from the finest Florida nurseries. This ensures you the highest quality, fully acclimated plants available at competitive prices.

Our discriminating clients have made Plant Care the largest Interior Plantscape company in the Maritimes for over 30 years. Our stunning designs, quality installations and exceptional service have proven to be a winning combination.

Plants are one of the least expensive and most effective ways to improve your décor. Let Plant Care show you how to bring the beauty of plants to your workspace at a surprisingly reasonable price.