Plant Care Horticultural Maintenance

Plant Care is uniquely qualified to carry out on-going plant maintenance. Our sub-irrigation system of watering removes plant stress caused by over or under watering. This results on a healthier plantscape and allows our technicians to spend more time dusting and grooming the plants. Clean, healthy plants are an essential component in any successful planting.

We use a rigorous inhouse training program for all Plant Care technicians to ensure that all our personnel are experts in maintenance techniques. All staff attend bi-monthly training sessions to keep them current with new plant varieties and technical information.

In May of 1990, Plant Care opened a Burnside location to accommodate our growing “Silk” Plant department. By direct purchasing, we are able to offer the highest quality at attractive prices. Our skilled fabricators will build “Silk” Plants and trees to your exact specifications.

Maintenance of Live Plants:

Monitor soil moisture levels and adjust to amount appropriate for plant species, light levels, temperature and humidity conditions.

Regular dusting and cleaning of all foliage. Trimming or removal of damaged or dead leaves. Rotation of plants for symmetrical growth. Pruning to promote dense growth and retain shape. Refresh or replace bark mulch as required. Clean planters to remove dirt or scuffs. Remove garbage or debris from planters.

Monitor plants regularly for insect or disease infestation and treat with appropriate pesticide, biological or beneficial insect. Only the safest and most environmentally benign control methods are to be used.

Apply fertilizer in amounts appropriate to species and light conditions. Fertilizer formulation to be appropriate to season.

Replace and plant which has substantially diminished in appearance and no longer fulfills its aesthetic purpose. Guarantee does not include excessive heat or cold, vandalism, unsolicited care, movement without PLANT CARE’s consent or Acts of God.


We can supply stylish, contemporary and vibrant plant displays that will transform your office at a price you can afford.

Plants have been proven to improve employee productivity and morale as well as providing a cost effective way to improve indoor air quality.

Our guaranteed maintenance offers you peace of mind by protecting your investment and ensuring your plants always look picture perfect. Plant Care's trained Horticultural Service Technicians are committed to delivering quality.

Plant Care purchases its plants direct from the finest Florida nurseries. This ensures you the highest quality, fully acclimated plants available at competitive prices.

Our discriminating clients have made Plant Care the largest Interior Plantscape company in the Maritimes for over 30 years. Our stunning designs, quality installations and exceptional service have proven to be a winning combination.

Plants are one of the least expensive and most effective ways to improve your décor. Let Plant Care show you how to bring the beauty of plants to your workspace at a surprisingly reasonable price.