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Creating Healthy Environments

We have lease-guaranteed maintenance packages starting at $150/month

Beautiful Interior Plant Installations Throughout the Maritimes

Looking for a way to liven up your workspace? Forget about lingering paint fumes and expensive remodels; having a few plants can drastically improve the look and feel of your commercial space. For over 40 years, Plant Care has been the green thumb behind offices throughout the Maritimes, making it our business to help you improve the feel of your office and impress your clients with a lively environment that screams success. To help you achieve this success, Plant Care provides interior plant installation services that are cost effective and of superior quality. We offer a wide range of plantscaping solutions for office buildings, malls, airports, and any commercial and government properties. Contact us to get started with your project.

A picture of a medium-sized plant in the corridor area of a facility

Transforming Work Spaces Since 1977

When you visit a spa, you see its décor is filled with beautiful plants and living art pieces. At Plant Care, our goal is to bring that relaxing and soothing atmosphere into your workplace by bringing in live plants. You can improve the décor of your office or commercial space by placing beautiful plants and planters. Our team will do the work from bringing in the plants in your office and installing them in their optimal spots to fully maintaining them, leaving you with an inviting environment that reduces stress and fosters peace of mind and productivity.

Lease-guaranteed Maintenance Program

Whether you’re looking to temporarily bring some greenery into the office or love the look of plants and simply don’t have the time to dedicate to taking care of them, you can reap all the benefits of having plants in your office or store without the hassle of maintaining them. With our lease-guaranteed maintenance program, we take care of everything from A to Z. We will bring the best plants for your office in and will water, fertilize, and prune it for you, leaving you with plants that thrive without you having to lift a finger. Should a given plant wilt or die, we will also replace it. Your plants can also be changed to fit the season, the holidays, or your mood. Our affordable packages start as low as $100 a month. Call us today for a quote.

A picture showcasing a facility’s interior with staircases and plants next to it

Why Choose Us?

  • Lease-guaranteed maintenance program

  • Plant stock from Florida’s nurseries

  • Modern, elegant designs and installation services

  • Cost-effective

  • Trained horticultural technicians

  • Replacement services without any upfront cost

  • Professional designers

A picture of an indoor swimming pool with sitting areas around it

Remove the dullness from your commercial properties with our beautiful interior plants.

A picture of a facility decorated with green plants.

Discover the numerous benefits of having interior plants placed in your commercial properties.

Request a Quote

If you have any doubts about the services we offer, our team invites you to use the e-form below to ask questions or request a quote for our services. We will respond quickly!

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A picture showcasing a commercial office with a reception desk and office cubicles

Change Your Interior Décor

You can transform your office interior by installing attractive plants and planters.

An image of a stairway with plants on the left and right sides.

View Our Plantscaping Projects

You can go through our gallery and see some of the examples of our past work.

Our Valued Clients

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