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A modern style office with cubicles decorated with plants

Interior Landscaping for Commercial Properties

Has your work atmosphere turned grey and dull? Add vibrant colours to your commercial property with our bright and colourful interior landscaping designs. Plant Care helps with affordable and effective ways to improve your decor. Bring the beauty of colourful plants into your workspace and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building. Our professional designers have expertise in creating designs which are cost effective and stay in good health for years to come. You can choose the plants you want to install in your office space. We have a wide range of plants that are purchased from some of Florida’s finest nurseries. Our trained horticultural service technicians will handle the installation and maintenance of your interior plants.

A picture of two snake plants in a facility
An office decorated with tall trees

Colourful Plants and Planters

At Plant Care, we offer a wide range of colourful floras that will give a stunning look to your working place. We get all our plants from Florida’s nurseries that are of exceptional quality and species. You can talk to our professionals and they’ll help selecting the right plants for your commercial property.


However, if you have a nice colourful plant and not so good-looking container, then having the plant won’t make any difference in your décor. It is very important to have an appropriate planter which matches your plant. From ceramics to metals and fibreglass to plastics, we provide a variety of containers for your plants. There are containers that come with a creative selection of top dressing and sub-irrigation systems. We work around your budget with flexible leasing options.


For more information on our services and designs, contact us today. We will provide you with a quote that will suit your budget.

Quality Living Wall Maintenance Services

Enhance the beauty of your office space with lush and vibrant coloured living walls. Living walls elevate the look of your interior, add colour, and purify the air. They add value to your building and require minimum maintenance cost. Plant Care specializes in maintaining living walls throughout the Maritimes. We provide reliable maintenance services for the following types of living walls:


Hydroponic system is an expanded board of plants that is fixed to the wall. It can be a customized design to suit the ambience of any building. Our designers can create and maintain appropriate designs for your office, mall, or any other commercial property.

Tray Systems

Tray-based living walls are easy to install and modify as per your needs. It is easier to change out plants and designs can be easily updated. These walls can be built into already existing spaces or can be used as standalone displays. Contact us for tray-based living wall maintenance services throughout the Maritimes.

Living Art

Plant Care offers a wide range of living art greenery maintenance services. We can help maintain your existing living art of various sizes and colours. If your living art has lost its aesthetic appeal, our plant professionals can refresh it promptly.

A picture depicting an office with a desk, a red-coloured chair, and plants.

Interior Plantscape Designs

We provide designing, installation, and maintenance services for interior plants.

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