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Planted potted in a stone setting next to a staircase of a facility

Plant Care: Our Process

When it comes to making your space more lively, Plant Care has a systematic process in place. Since we believe in establishing strong relationships with our customers, we provide them with complete customization plans.


Read below to get a detailed understanding of the process we follow for interior plant installations.

A photograph of a table and seats with a plant as the centrepiece.


When you first visit us, our team will offer you estimates on the pricing. Provide information on your office environment and what you expect from us so that we can offer personalized options to elevate your property.


Plant Care has an assortment of plants and accessories, including silk plants, tropical plants, plant containers, and flowers for you to buy and decorate your property.


Once you have purchased the suitable interior plants for your project, our experienced professionals will install your internal landscape and decor exactly how you envisioned it.

Post-installation Maintenance

You can expect our workmen to be available for your interior plant maintenance every week as per your specified day and timing schedules. We strive to keep your plants well-maintained and healthy!

Our Plant Rentals

In case you do not wish to purchase our interior plants, we have a dedicated rental program to fulfill your requirements.

If you require any more details, please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to offer you adequate answers.

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